Gatwick Parking Made Easier?

Gatwick airport is the second largest airport in the UK with over 35 million passengers passing through its two terminals each year and the new owners Global Partners have already declared they intend to spend over a billion pounds to increase traffic to over 42 million by 2013.

Clearly, this is an ambitious plan and if achieved will make Gatwick an even busier airport than it already is and if you intend to travel to the airport by car you luton airport parking cost. will need to plan ahead. Just turning up at the airport and searching around for a parking space nearest to your departure terminal is frankly a recipe for disaster.

The first thing you need to do is to work out just a few simple requirements covering security, cost and convenience. If you go on the internet and put in the phrase “Gatwick Parking” Google will present you with 1,640,000 results which reflects both the importance of the airport and the number of different options available.

Even before the planned expansion, there are currently around 30,000 car parking places to choose from located both on and off airport and that does not take into account the plethora of hotels which surround the airport which also provide parking. Are you getting some idea of the task before you?

Clearly, it is nearly impossible to expect anyone to sift through all these individual sites and then go on to collate all the information and come up with a solution. If you go about your selection in this way there is every chance you will miss out on all the options that are available.

The only sensible way is to go to a comparison site that will list all the car parks and at the same time provide useful information about the distance the facility is from the terminal, how often the transfers operate and between what hours and of course the security arrangements and cost.

Having all this information laid out before you will make your selection process so much easier and save you hours flicking aimlessly from one site to another. Indeed the web site should have the facility to neatly organise the list in ascending or descending price order that will quickly allow you to weigh up cost against convenience.

Generally speaking the car parks closest to the terminal will charge the most, which to me does not make always make any sense but to others is a key factor. The reason I say this is because, I think it is sometimes easier travelling to a car park outside of the airport and letting them take me direct to the terminal saving me the hassle of driving around a busy airport especially if I am unsure where I am going.

As previously mentioned, many hotels serve the airport and I would also recommend using the same site to compare the cost of deals that are surprisingly cheaper than you would imagine with many budget hotels springing up to provide this service.

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